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What Are The Working Characteristics Of The Bag Feeder?

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  • Time: 2020-03-03
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Speaking of the name of the bag machine, many people may not know what it is, but we should have a little concept of the packaging machine. The bag feeder is one of the packaging machines. This kind of packaging machine is mainly designed according to the bag width, so it is necessary to select the bag feeder for product packaging.

The bag feeder is not only divided into different models, but also different stations, generally 6 stations and 8 stations. The standard 6 stations are bag loading, coding, bag opening, blanking, heat sealing and cold sealing. Standard 8 stations are respectively bag loading, coding, zipper opening, bag opening, blanking filling, dust removal, vibration, heat sealing and cold sealing output. If the width of the customer's bag is within 200 and the zipper is not opened, the standard 8-Position machine will also be used, but the zipper opening action will be removed, and the bag opening position will be moved to the zipper opening position, and the blanking will be moved to the bag opening position, which needs to be noted that this machine cannot be changed into the zipper opening function in the later stage; if the zipper not opened needs to be changed into the zipper in the later stage, the blanking position needs to be placed To the fifth place.

1. What is the structure of the bag feeder?
Electric box

2. What are the optional functions of the bag feeder?

Poke device, vibration device, bag beating device, dust removal device, exhaust device, inflation device, punching device, PE device

3. What are the components of each station of the bag feeder?

Bag loading, coding, zipper opening, bag unloading, filling and dust removal vibration.




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